Fabrik 3.1 Beta now out!

The latest version of Fabrik 3.1 beta is out now, you can get it from the downloads site

This is for both Joomla 2.5 and more importantly for Joomla 3.0. It is an beta release so please be aware that there may be bugs. If you find any issues please report them on the forum. It would be fantastic to get as many people testing this as possible so we can quickly move to a stable release

Here's a taster video of me making an application in Fabrik 3.1


New subscriber tutorial

There's a new subscriber video tutorial on the site, informing you how to set up Fabrik's Twitter form plug-in.

As of Fabrik 2.0.3 the Twitter form plug-in uses OAuth to enable users to access their twitter account without needing to supply their user name and password to a 3rd party site.Whilst that is great news for your users, it means the set up of the plug-in is a little more complex than before, so we thought we would document the set up process for you!

Download Fabrik's Twitter form plugin

Watch the tutorial

Fabrik 2.0.3 released

The Fabrik team is extremely proud to announce the release of Fabrik 2.0.3 for Joomla 1.5.

This is a major update from 2.0.2 with over 500 commits to the source code in the last 4 months

Please note that Fabrik 2.0.3 will NOT run on Joomla 1.6 - we are busy beavering away getting an alpha version of Fabrik out to test with Joomla 1.6

Please ensure you have read the installation and upgrade instructions in the file INSTALL.txt, found inside the zip

Download Fabrik 2.0.3



Fabrik 2.0.1 released

Sorry folks, a bugette slipped into the 2.0 release, where by you were unable to save a database join element

This has been addressed in Fabrik 2.0.1, download it here


Fabrik 2.0 Stable released

The Fabrik team are truly proud to announce the release of Fabrik 2.0 stable.

This is Security release that addresses a security issue found in all previous versions of Fabrik 2.

Click here to download Fabrik 2.0



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