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Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by nettemor, Oct 29, 2014.

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    I am mailing the registration using a joomla article (not php script).
    When receiving the mail it seems that all the checkbox values that are not checked in the form, displays a dot. See enclosed image.
    I tried to use another template but i got the same issue using that, so doesn't seem to be related to the template.

    Whats this and how to fix it ?

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  2. nettemor

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    Anyone who knows?
    I cant produce the mails like this......
  3. nettemor

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    Please, can someone answer this ?
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    That's the standard "unordered list" (<ul>) style, although it looks like it's got an alignment issue, as iirc the dot should be in front of the value. Multi-select elements like checkboxes use UL's by default.

    You can override this with a custom "Separator", under the Advanced options for your checkbox element settings. Try using a <br /> instead.

    -- hugh

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